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Pack in & Pack out

Pack in pack out service

Pack in & Pack out

It is critical that property from a private residence, business, or industrial facility be removed quickly from the location after a fire, flood or other disaster

Blue Streak professionals are trained to handle your possessions from the initial on-site assessment through pack out, transporting, storage, and safe return. Our pack out and pack in crews are specially trained to handle your possessions with care. Before the pack out, we photograph each room to document the items and ensure correct placement. Ranging from small keepsakes to large household goods, our team uses industry-approved packing materials and boxes for safe transportation and storage of items.

Pack in and Pack out System

Blue Streak has a computerized pack out inventory (POI) system offers a level of calm among the post-disaster chaos. Our POI is a streamlined, organized control system for assessing and tracking a structure’s contents – including both total loss materials and items moved out for cleaning and storage. By using a bar coding system, we can quickly and precisely locate any item being processed – down to the location of a file inside a specific box stored inside a particular vault. Our advanced pack out inventory system provides :

Our pack out inventory system not only maximizes access to materials during the disaster recovery process, but it also increases efficiency and enhances productivity. Transcribing inventory lists by hand is eliminated, and labor costs for packing are significantly reduced. Our extensive product database minimizes the time the insurance claims handler spends determining replacement costs and making replace or repair decisions. Complete content listings are provided, including full details such as make and model, limiting potential liabilities and minimizing the severity of claims. Because we work with you throughout the process to establish accurate, computerized tracking lists – details are agreed upon in advance, transcription errors are eliminated, and insurance claims can quickly be resolved.

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