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Rodent Extermination

House mouse

Rodent Extermination

Nesting paraphernalia

Just as humans do, these animals are looking for shelter from the cold and winter elements. Mice and rats love to live in attics and walls. They will not waste time creating a nest out of pieces of paper and twigs.

Insulation destruction

Rats love to shred insulation. As a result, pieces of insulation will find its way to your vents. You may also start to notice that it is more difficult to keep your house the desired temperature from lack of insulation (yes, they can destroy that much!).

Missing shingles and screens

If there’s an intruder in your house, then there’s an entry way. Missing shingles and screens can indicate how the animal is getting in and out of your home. Identifying these also helps pest control eradicate the animal and keep it from re-entering.

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